Monday, April 7, 2014

Ideas: Farms, both food and solar...

No research on this one, just thinking:
     While riding around northern California today, and thinking of all the wide open spaces, I'm reminded of how I often think we need to bring farming back to the community level, instead of the big business "for profit" level, to get healthy cheap food back where it should be.
      It's going to be a dry year in California this year, as there is next to nothing on the snowpack on many of the mountains in the area.  Barring some late April storms of a sizable nature, I don't see that changing for the better anytime soon.
     However, solar power has plenty of room to throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, .. basically the whole Southwestern area of the United States (and Mexico!).  If we could get out from under this big oil focus, we could, and should, be harnessing more solar power.
     I wonder how much weather change their would be from large solar farms in the sunnier places on earth, if any?

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