Sunday, March 23, 2014
"Re:Balderdash (2)

aristotle-dude | 2 days ago

One of my colleagues in the past had a degree in divinity, and the one who hired my had a psychological degree. You appear to assume that a background in physics or mathematics would give a distinct advantage over others in programming in all fields. While I'm sure those skills are a basic necessity in developing new physics engines and possibly a new sorting, compression or encryption algorithm, many fields do not require a developer to "reinvent" the wheel and they can simply use existing proven technologies. This is often called building on the "shoulders of giants".
I think that the fact that I am multilingual and have a firm grasp of "logic" is far more useful than any mathematics that I might have learned in school. I view programming as more of an "art" than a science. It is a form of expression and the programming languages are analogous to human languages used in writing stories and prose. One could say that methods of a class are very much like prose on a conceptual level and the class is analogous to a chapter in a book."

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